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Cilicia falls to Umayyads
©Angus McBride
709 Jan 1

Cilicia falls to Umayyads

Adana, Reşatbey, Seyhan/Adana,

The cities of Cilicia fell into the hands of the Umayyads, who penetrated into Cappadocia in 709–711. The region had, however, been almost completely depopulated already since the middle of the 7th century and formed a no man's land between the Romans and the Caliphate. The western parts of the old province of Cilicia remained in Roman hands and became part of the Cibyrrhaeot Theme. The status quo would remain unchanged for over 260 years before Cilicia was eventually reconquered for the Romans in the 950s and 960s by Nikephoros Phokas and John Tzimiskes.