American Revolutionary War

Battle of Stono Ferry
The Death of Colonel Owen Roberts, a depiction of the death of South Carolina Colonel Owen Roberts at the 1779 Battle of Stono Ferry. ©Henry Benbridge
1779 Jun 20

Battle of Stono Ferry

Rantowles, South Carolina, USA

The Battle of Stono Ferry took place on June 20, 1779, near Charleston, South Carolina, during the American Revolutionary War. American forces led by General Benjamin Lincoln aimed to disrupt British operations by attacking a fortified British position at Stono Ferry. Despite initial gains, the Americans were unable to dislodge the British troops, who were commanded by Colonel John Maitland. The battle resulted in significant casualties for both sides but was ultimately considered a British tactical victory as they maintained control of the strategic ferry crossing. The confrontation did, however, halt British expeditions temporarily, providing the Americans some respite in the Southern theater.