Best History Books 2023

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History of India

History of Japan

History of China

History of Korea

History of California

History of Taiwan

History of the Philippines

History of the Netherlands

History of Hinduism

History of Italy

History of Greece

History of Armenia

History of England

History of Canada

History of Indonesia

History of Mexico

History of Portugal

History of France

History of Spain

Achaemenid Empire

History of Judaism

History of Buddhism

Greco-Persian Wars

Peloponnesian War

Conquests of Alexander the Great

Qin dynasty

Second Punic War

Han Dynasty

Gallic Wars

History of Germany

History of Christianity


Prophet Muhammad


Story of Coffee

Viking Invasions of England

History of Ukraine

History of Poland

Seljuk Turks

Battle of Hastings

Knights Hospitaller

First Crusade

Inca Empire

Knights Templar

Third Crusade

Teutonic Order


Mongol Invasions of Japan

First War of Scottish Independence

History of the Ottoman Empire

Hundred Years War

Ming dynasty

War of the Roses

Sengoku Jidai

History of the United States

Colonial History of the United States

History of Brazil

Voyages of Ferdinand Magellan

Mughal Empire

History of Filipino Americans

Imjin War

Thirty Years War

Qing dynasty

English Civil War

Benjamin Franklin

History of Russia: Russian Empire

George Washington

French and Indian War

Seven Years' War

American Revolutionary War

Peninsular War

Abraham Lincoln

War of 1812

Battle of Waterloo

Greek War of Independence

Mexican-American War

Crimean War

American Civil War

Russo-Japanese War

World War I

Gallipoli Campaign

Russian Revolution

Russian Civil War

Turkish War of Independence

History of the Soviet Union

Chinese Civil War

World War II

History of South Korea

Cold War

History of the People's Republic of China

Korean War

Civil Rights Movement

Vietnam War

Gulf War