Poland during the Jagiellonian dynasty

Lithuanian–Muscovite War
Battle of Orsha in 1514 ©Image Attribution forthcoming. Image belongs to the respective owner(s).
1512 Jan 1

Lithuanian–Muscovite War

Smolensk, Russia

In the two previous wars, the Moscow state did not succeed in realizing the idea of regaining all the "Kievan inheritance" - the lands of Principality of Smolensk, Principality of Polotsk and Principality of Kiev. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Ruthenia did not accept the results of these wars - the loss of some of its eastern lands. At the end of 1512 a new war broke out between the two states. The reason for this was the Lithuanian-Crimean Tatar negotiations and the attack of the Crimean Tatars in May 1512 on the Upper Oka Principalities.

The Moscow government accused the Lithuanians of inciting the Crimean Khanate into Moscow's lands, and in November of that year organized a campaign of troops against Polotsk and Smolensk. Soon the troops were withdrawn from Polotsk, they remained near Smolensk until March 1513, after which the siege was lifted. In June 1513, Moscow troops launched an offensive in four directions in order to capture Smolensk, Polotsk, Vitebsk and Orsha.

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