Poland during the Jagiellonian dynasty

Hunger War
1414 Jun 1

Hunger War

Chełmno landa-udalerria, Polan

In the summer of 1414, armies of King Jogaila and Grand Duke Vytautas invaded Prussia, ruled by the monastic state. They advanced through Osterode (Ostróda) into Warmia, plundering villages and burning crops. The Teutonic Knights chose to concentrate their defensive efforts in Culmerland (Chełmno Land). The Knights remained in their castles and refused an open battle after realizing the superiority of Polish and Lithuanian forces in a potential pitched battle. Küchmeister deployed scorched earth tactics hoping to deprive invading armies of food and supplies. This tactic later resulted in a famine and plague in the region. The invaders themselves were not able or willing to seek a decisive military victory via lengthy sieges of Teutonic castles. Papal legate William of Lausanne proposed resolving the conflict through diplomacy and a two-year truce was signed in Strasburg (now Brodnica) in October. Jogaila and Vytautas agreed to present their case to the Council of Constance. However, the territorial disputes were not resolved until the Treaty of Melno in 1422.

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