Battle of Chipyong-ni

Battle of Chipyong-ni

Korean War

Battle of Chipyong-ni
Battle of Chipyong-ni ©Image Attribution forthcoming. Image belongs to the respective owner(s).
1951 Feb 13 - Feb 15

Battle of Chipyong-ni

Jipyeong-ri, Sangju-si

The Battle of Chipyong-ni represents the "high-water mark" of the Chinese invasion of South Korea. The UN forces fought a short but desperate battle that broke the attack's momentum. The battle is sometimes known as the "Gettysburg of the Korean War": 5,600 South Korean, US, and French troops were surrounded on all sides by 25,000 PVA. UN forces had previously retreated in the face of large PVA/KPA forces instead of getting cut off, but this time they stood and fought, and won. Due to the ferocity of the Chinese attack and the heroism of the defenders, the battle has also been called "one of the greatest regimental defense actions in military history".

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