History of Armenia

Sasanid Empire conquers the Kingdom of Armenia
Legionaries vs Sassanid Cav. Mesopotamia 260 AD ©Angus McBride
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Sasanid Empire conquers the Kingdom of Armenia


Shapur I annihilated a Roman force of 60,000 at the Battle of Barbalissos. He then burned and ravaged the Roman province of Syria and all its dependencies. He then reconquered Armenia, and incited Anak the Parthian to murder the king of Armenia, Khosrov II. Anak did as Shapur asked, and had Khosrov murdered in 258; yet Anak himself was shortly thereafter murdered by Armenian nobles. Shapur then appointed his son Hormizd I as the "Great King of Armenia". With Armenia subjugated, Georgia submitted to the Sasanian Empire and fell under the supervision of a Sasanian official. With Georgia and Armenia under control, the Sasanians' borders on the north were thus secured. The Sassanid Persians held Armenia until the Romans returned in 287.