Delhi Sultanate

Battle of Amroha
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1305 Dec 20

Battle of Amroha

Amroha district, Uttar Pradesh
Despite Alauddin's measures, a Mongol force led by Ali Beg invaded the Delhi Sultanate in 1305. Alauddin sent a 30,000-strong cavalry led by Malik Nayak to defeat the Mongols. The Mongols launched one or two weak attacks on the Delhi army. The Delhi army inflicted a crushing defeat upon the invaders. The Battle of Amroha was fought on 20 December 1305 between the armies of the Delhi Sultanate of India and the Mongol Chagatai Khanate of Central Asia. The Delhi force led by Malik Nayak defeated the Mongol army led by Ali Beg and Tartaq near Amroha in present-day Uttar Pradesh. Alauddin ordered some of the captives to be killed, and others to be imprisoned. However, Barani states that Alauddin ordered all captives to be killed by having them trampled under elephants' feet.
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